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Guys we see the statistics here, everyday ppl enter from different countries, but this blog is no long available, please go to bahroux.co and you will find new posts, new works and a lot of other interesting things which we post for you. Waiting for you there.
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Recently we had a collaboration with a wonderful photographer Victoria Prada. Victoria fully thought through the idea of the image and we have done makeup and hair at her request. The result pleases the eye.

Viktoria Prada : «This shoot was inspired by images of divas and the luxurious atmosphere of the last century. It was all conceived in order to produce a single photo that will be part of a series of exhibitions of my work ‘Be the woman, a man needs’. Anna seemed to be the personification of a transfixing, dizzying magic. The result of the shoot was a small series that outlines the boundaries of womanhood. It is not necessary to consider it as a photo project or story but to appreciate the nuanced feelings and emotions of beautiful Anna and the sense of colour and light».


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Бahroux hairStyle and make up… be the woman, a man needs… collaboration with Viktoria Prada